Sean Rasmussen: Internet Marketing Success

22 08 2010

Sean Rasmussen is known as Australia’s #1 Internet Marketer, the Connoisseur of Success.  He lives in Bunbury, Western Australia with his wife Cherie Rasmussen and their two sons.

He is a Wealth Creator utilising various business systems to successfully generate massive passive income. 

He enjoys helping other people find the ways to Financial Wealth and Freedom and he makes many of these resources readily available on his many websites and blogs, and at events.

Mindset Mastery

Using the success formula found in Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic Think and Grow Rich, Sean Rasmussen was able to convert his burning desire to use the internet as a means to generate passive income so he could fire his boss and spend time with his family.

Hill’s great work has been revitalised by Sean Rasmussen and republished as Mindset Mastery: Think Your Way to Universal Wealth; to get your FREE e-book, just click on the link.  From there, you can also get a free copy of his e-book The Secret Law of Attraction.

In the concluding few pages of his book Mindset Mastery, Sean Rasmussen reminds us: Life is not short.  It is the longest thing anyone ever does.

Bunbury, Western Australia

The port city of Bunbury has become the third largest city in Western Australia after the State’s Capital of Perth, and Mandurah located between them.  With cosmopolitan city life, stunning beaches, magnificent sunsets and so much more Bunbury offers Sean Rasmussen the laid-back family lifestyle of a successful Prosperity Millionaire.

From the wealth generated by his business activities, Sean Rasmussen is able to spend a lot of time with his family.  They take frequent trips within Australia and overseas.

Here’s a look at a life in abundance, a life available to all people with a burning desire to be truly successful:


My Passion: Social Media

25 07 2010

When I first joined Social Media, I didn’t quite realise the effect that new form of communication would have on me and the way I communicate to others. 

The different places I have been able to travel to in the cyberspace world, and the friends I have made along that way, have truly inspired me to learn whatever is necessary to help others also benefit from this online community.

I dare not even consider life without the internet!!

Social Media Coach

Over the past few years, I have attended various Internet Marketing seminars to learn the essential ingredients of success from those before me who have helped pioneer this amazing field of endeavour.  I now look forward to imparting such Wisdom to my fellow social media users.

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My Cultural Background

I was born in New Zealand, spent some time in the beautiful Cook Islands on two trips – to Rarotonga and Aitutaki – and now living in sunny Brisbane, Queensland in Australia.  Check out this amazing video of two colliding cultural Polynesian forces:

Just hope you all get a chance to visit the wonderful countries of New Zealand and The Cook Islands to experience for yourself true Polynesian culture.

Enjoy, and have fun.

Ian Ballantine.